This place has been in the top spot of mostly visited by tourist around Malaysia

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Tour to Best Places and where to Homestay di Melaka
Melaka, Malaysia is one of the places in the country that offers diverse culture and wonderful historic places to visit.


This city is far from the big city like the Kuala Lumpur and is the most preserved museums and buildings are located here. With more tourist going in and out of Melaka, more houses have been offered for tourist to stay such as the homestay di melaka. Here are more places to explore around Melaka.


If you are a type of traveller who wants to understand the inner core of the cultures of a country the Saint Paul’s church is one place not to miss. This church was built by Portuguese colonialists and was used as a fortress in 1567 and became a church after the Dutch sieged Melaka. This church offers not only the culture of Malaysians but how the Portuguese and the Dutch had influenced the country. The church is located in a small hill that also has a wonderful of the entire city.

The Malacca river cruise should be one of the highlights of your trip. The best way to experience this is to take a river cruise tour with other tourist to have a maximum enjoyment of the views. Another place to explore is the Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary. Malaysia has is a home to different types of butterflies, the animal sanctuary is an 11-hectare jungle with full of diverse species not only reptiles and butterflies but a plethora of insects as well. This tour will good for kids and families as learning education is also part of the tour, also you can spend the whole afternoon wandering around and appreciate the whole beauty of Melaka.