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Avocado Green Mattress Review: The Green and Sustainable Mattress Made For You



No two people are exactly the same. That is why there are differences in the type of mattress one considers the best for him while another will have his own inclinations. Therefore, it is rare to find a large number of people with an exact preference in bed. That being said, mattresses therefore have to be made to be nearest tothe most common requirement in order to sell. Avocado Green mattress is this type of product that went to intensive study and evaluation to come with the product they are presently selling.





Why is it called Green mattress?

This avocado green mattres guide consumer reviews is all organic latex hybrids which come from sustainable sources. It is available as a medium firm feel when combined with other materials that are integrated to provide durability and support in different level. That is why it comes in two products based on firmness.


What are its qualities that form as its advantages?

On top of being green and organic material certified product, it also has a good motion isolation which means that there is less motion transfer. This can be noticed once you are already lying in bed then your partner comes in and in your sleep you will still notice this.


In addition this product has pressure relief most noticeable when you lay down sideways in the shoulder area and in the hips. It likewise project to have a longer lifespan based on its components. As for its edge support this product is among those that have a strong one in this aspect.


Also it has thicker pocketed spring for support which also allows more air to flow around thereby giving a cooler surface.


What are its disadvantages?

It is a bit heavier than total foam mattresses since it has heavier coils for support  while the existence of coils can cause sounds.


Final thought

If you are that individual who wants to save mother earth, then this is a green product that has more to its components like its full support regardless of size.